Yorkshire Folk Fuming After James Martin Forgets Iconic Yorkshire Ingredient

Yorkshire Folk Fuming After James Martin Forgets Iconic Yorkshire Ingredient

Yorkshire chef, James Martin made a cooking faux pas this weekend in his new show ‘James Martin’s Islands To Highlands, which focused on the Peak District that sits next door to South Yorkshire city, Sheffield.

Eagle-eyed Yorkshire viewers spotted the TV chefs mistake when deciding to use Worchestershire sauce in his recipe over Henderson’s relish, which is filming next door to the home of Hendo’s, Sheffield. The recipe, which looked delicious, was a beef stew, made after visiting Tessa Bramley’s restaurant The Old Vicarage in Ridgeway.

In the episode he mentions his grandmother living in Sheffield, but the proud Yorkshire born and bred chef made a crucial error in condiment selection, and in classic Yorkshire fashion – Yorkshire folk were quick to pick up on his error.

One Twitter user was quick to mention the fact posting: “James Martin is on my telly cooking in the Peak District and has just used Worcestershire sauce when we all know it should be Hendo’s.”

Another wrote: “James, James, James…… how could you ? Use Worcester Sauce instead of Hendo’s ??? Hang your head in shame lad !!”

Another viewers,Andrew Burton, spoke to The Star: “He has just presented a show, Islands to Highlands, and visited the fantastic Vicarage in Ridgeway and then boasted how Yorkshire he is with his family history, and then went on to cook a stew and dumplings.

He said how James Martin then went on to “instead of the legendary Henderson’s relish”.

Adding : “I mean how much of an insult to Yorkshire is that?”

We are sure that James will brush this off in his usual Yorkshire no nonsense manner. The Yorkshire-born cehf, who usually champions local produce has done a lot for the county and loves highlight spots for people to visit and try out certain foods.

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