9 Amazing Traditional Yorkshire Foods You Need To Try

9 Amazing Traditional Yorkshire Foods You Need To Try

Yorkshire folk tend to be proud of anything that comes from our beloved county. From Sean Bean, Arctic Monkeys to Yorkshire puds and good ol’ Yorkshire Tea. There are many foods that we take for granted and forget that they hail from this beautiful part of the world. And there are other foods that some may not have tried. If you’ve not had some of these, these are 8 traditional Yorkshire foods that you need to try.

Hendo’s Relish

Hailing from the Steel City of Sheffield, there isn’t many restaurants you can go in Sheff that won’t have this on their tables. Henderson’s relish can sometimes be mistaken for Worcester sauce, but you’d be wrong. This spicy & fruity sauce has been made for over 100 years, and is a local favourite. Amazing on anything, Hendo’s is one of our favourite traditional Yorkshire foods

Forced Rhubarb

Forced Rhubarb has been grown in Yorkshire since 1877, and is grown in what is known as the ‘rhubarb triangle.’ This is a spot between Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield where the rhubarb is gwon in what are called forcing sheds. The rhubarb is so versatile, you can use it in gins, pies, and other desserts.

Yorkshire Puds

You can’t make a list of Yorkshire’s best exports without mention the classic Yorkshire pud. Fluffy, light and crispy yiu can do almost anything to this versatile food. Although, if you do anything other than soak it in gravy in the Yorkshire you’ll have some angry Yorkshire folk to deal wi’.


Otherwise known as a flat crumpet, pikelets have many variations and taste like crumpets but better as they’re made in God’s Own Country. A great little unknown traditional Yorkshire food that you need to try.

Yorkshire Curd Tart

Sugar, lemon zest, melted butter, eggs and curd cheese are the only ingredients you’ll need to make this simple Yorkshire dish. Found in any good bakery across Yorkshire a curd tart is a staple in any Yorkshire tearooms worth their salt as well!

Wensleydale Cheese

‘Cheese Gromit!’ With the help of Wallace & Gromit, Wensleydale cheese is known throughout the UK. Its creamy and crumbly texture is perfect on crackers, in a sandwich or with a lovely slice of fruit cake! It hails from the wonderful Yorkshire Dales and is one of Yorkshire’s greatest exports.

Fat Rascal

If someone shouts fat rascal at you in Yorkshire, don’t start swinging. They are referring to the bakery goods found at the best afternoon teas in Yorkshire. Made of you’ll want to try more than just one! Swill it down with a proper Yorkshire Brew with the only tea brand worth mentioning, Yorkshire Tea.

Crab & Lobster

Oh, yes! We Yorkshire folk like the posh stuff too. Head down to the seaside town of Bridlington and enjoy the most freshest crab & lobster caught the same day. The Yorkshire coast has some great spots to enjoy great seafood, it’s why our fish & chips are the best in the UK.

Wilsons American Chip Spice

Created in the 1970s after being inspired by American seasoning salt, Rod and Brenda Wilson started selling blends of herbs and spices to local butchers and food service industries in Hull. For sprinkling onto cooked chips, chip spice is found in most chippies in the East Yorkshire region and further.

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