These Yorkshire Train Stations Are Among The Worst In The UK, According To Study

These Yorkshire Train Stations Are Among The Worst In The UK, According To Study
The fact that we all knew is proven with data.

The news that the North has some of the worst railways in the United Kingdom will come as no shock to anyone who lives in Yorkshire. You have more chance of winning the lottery than you do of your train being on time every morning.

So sub-par are our railways that only last month did Northern Rail finally look like it might lose its franchise after its service was named ‘unacceptable’. The government stated it only has ‘a number of months’ left to run with its current finances.

A York-based tech company has confirmed our suspicions as it looked closer at the reliability of all stations in Great Britain – with no surprising results.

Using the Freedom of Information request from Network Rail, RotaCloud analaysed the data which included 500 of the busiest stations that had more than 50,000 train stops.

Wakefield came in at number 2 with 63% of its trains being late, just beaten by Lancaster which has an average of 63.5% of all trains being late. York, Huddersfield and Sheffield all made the list as well. Here’s the list in full.

The top 20 worst performing locations are:

1. Lancaster, with an average of 63.5% of all trains late

2. Wakefield Westgate – 63%

3. Durham – 62.8%

4. Manchester Oxford Road – 62.8%

5. Meadowhall (Sheffield) – 62.5%

6. Smethwick Galton Bdg L.L. (Birmingham) – 60.7%

7. Inverkeithing – 60.3%

8. Stalybridge (Greater Manchester) – 60.3%

9. Huddersfield – 59.7%

10.) Birmingham New Street – 58.7%

11.) Darlington – 58.1%

12.) Sheffield – 57.3%

13.) Wakefield Kirkgate 57.1%

14.) Wolverhampton – 57.1%

15.) York – 57%

16.) Manchester Deansgate – 57%

17.) Birmingham International – 56.9%

18.) Warrington Bank Quay – 56.8%

19.) Coventry 56.7%

20.) Stockport – 56.2%

Visit RotaCloud’s website here to find out more.

[Featured image: Northern Railway]

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