Posh Greeter Outside Wetherspoons In Yorkshire Goes Viral In TikTok

Posh Greeter Outside Wetherspoons In Yorkshire Goes Viral In TikTok

Another TikTok star has gone viral in God’s Own Country! This time in the form of comedian Troy Hawke who pretends to be a greeter outside various establishments across the country where you might next expect such as Poundland, WH Smith and now Harrogate Wetherspoons.

You’d usually find greeters outside high-end shops and hotels, so there is something gratifying about watching the ‘common folk’ that shop in the normal high street shops reacting to his compliments.

The video, which shows Troy Hawke in his classic purple smoking jacket with a moustache, is hilarious as he greets customers as they enter the pub.

The caption to his video reads: “Welcome To Wetherspoons”, and it’s funny for us, as it’s usually a bouncer that would be greeting us at our local spoons not a posh and polite greeter like Troy’s affable character.

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Claiming to be from the ‘Greeter’s Guild’ Troy greets customers with such greetings as “it’s fish Friday and our rods are quivering”.

Also, so motivational words to an old couple leaving saying “never stop, never change”. Our favourite was “you won’t want to leave, And, our sticky carpets won’t let you”

The video has now got over 650k views, over 350k lives and lots of comments. Troy is a big favourite of The Yorkshireman and we’d love for him to visit more of our mundane establishments.

Other TikTokers that have gone viral in Yorkshire recently include a woman who was travelling to Thorpe Park the theme park but ended up visiting Thorpe Park in Leeds, which is a retail area and having the time our her life. Watch the video tomorrow.

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Feature Image Credit: Troy Hawke

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