Yorkshire Tea Launches Two Flavours Of Kombucha – But Won’t Be In Stores Just Yet

Yorkshire Tea Launches Two Flavours Of Kombucha – But Won’t Be In Stores Just Yet

Yorkshire Tea, everyone’s favourite cuppa, has teamed up with an award-winning kombucha brand to launch its own fermented drink.

Yorkshire Tea Kombucha is a collaboration between HOLOS Kombucha and Yorkshire Tea. The new creation will come in two flavours original and ginger.

Kombucha drinks have come on leaps and bounds in the last decade. The fermented drink is made from tea, sugar, and a bacterial culture called SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast).

Yorkshire Tea Kombucha
Credit: Unsplash

There are said to be lots of health benefits to the drink that’s been around for nearly 2,000 years. It was first brewed in China and has seen a huge rise in popularity due to its reputation as a wellness drink.

Kombucha can be fixed with natural sugars, spices, and other flavours and is said to be the next big thing on the UK drinks scene. And, with Yorkshire Tea being the number one brew in the country, it’s a match made in tea heaven.

Yorkshire Tea Kombucha is described as tangy, and lightly sparkled with a gentle fermented kick. Its collaborator HOLOS has used its small-batch brewing methods with all-natural ingredients to create the two limited-edition flavours.

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The Head of Marketing at Yorkshire Tea has said: “Being passionate about a proper brew also means caring deeply about its long-term future and innovation in tea is central to this.”

“We asked HOLOS to help us create something unique because they make some of the best kombuchas around and because they share our values when it comes to trading responsibly, so we’re delighted with the resulting brew.

“We hope it goes down well with consumers looking for something new and different and with Yorkshire Tea fans alike.”

If you’d like to try the new Yorkshire Tea Kombucha, you’ll have to get down to the London Coffee Festival from Thursday 20th to Saturday 23rd of April.

At the moment it is set to be a one of collaboration as Yorkshire Tea Kombucha is only in the trail phase – so you won’t be getting your hands on it in the shops any time soon.

Despite looking set to be a popular addition to the market – or at least a talked-about addition, if nothing else – Yorkshire Tea Kombucha is only in the trial phase at this moment in time, and you won’t actually be able to get your hands on it from shops and supermarkets anytime soon.

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