Yorkshire Wild Swimmer Spends Hours Cleaning Up Litter From Yorkshire Dales Beauty Spot

Yorkshire Wild Swimmer Spends Hours Cleaning Up Litter From Yorkshire Dales Beauty Spot

It’s summertime and with the warm weather comes an increase in visitors to our beautiful National Parks and, although most people treat the countryside with respect others let the side down with their littering.

One such area that suffers quite a lot is the Yorkshire Dales Ingleton Waterfall trail, which has seen some tourists not picking up after themselves leaving other people to clean up their mess.

After doing some cleaning up the previous day wild swimmer Johnny Hartnell, went back with rubbish bags to return the area to its former beauty. Pictured in the clean-up piles of plastic bottles, disposable barbeques, cans, crisp packets and deodorant cans.

Credit: Johnny Hartnell

Johnny Hartnell otherwise known as Wild Swimming Yorkshireman on Instagram wrote a post in the We Love The Yorkshire Dales group writing: “Just doing our bit.

“So after yesterday’s rant about litter being left in beautiful locations, I went back today with Fran to do a full clear up.

Credit: Johnny Hartnell

“The ground has been returned to as close as we could to normal. This is fast becoming a huge problem countrywide not just Dales & Lakes.

“The most disturbing thing was the washing up liquid bottles which have been emptied into the river polluting the water course and the disposable bbq’s which have severely burnt the tinder dry grass.

“All this was found on a small patch of land belonging to a well known waterfall trail Nr Ingleton”.

You can watch his clean-up job below:

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