Yorkshire Wildlife Park Announces Endangered Giant Otter Triples Born

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Announces Endangered Giant Otter Triples Born

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park has announced that a trio of baby otters has been born at the park.

Writing on social media they wrote: “We are very excited to announce a trio of cute Giant Otter babies! The triplets are sure to become visitor favourites when they venture out into their reserve in a few weeks time.”

“Our Giant Otter family are part of the European breeding programme and important Ambassadors for their species in Brazil.

“Bonita (the triplets big sister) was the first Giant Otter cub born at the park on Boxing Day 2020. The species is endangered in its native Amazonian rain forests due to deforestation, water pollution and hunting.”

The proud parents the the otter trio are Alexandra and Orimar who were introduced to the park back in 2019. The pair have been inseparable ever since.

They are doting on the pups who were born in early July as part of the European breeding programme.

Rick Newton, Animal Manager at the award-winning 300-acre park: “We’re delighted to have three new additions to the Otter family and hopefully it won’t be too long before they learn to swim and we see the new arrivals playing together in their lake”.

Back in July, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park had to close due to the heatwave announcing it would close for two days to ‘allow rangers to concentrate fully on caring for [the] animals.

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