Yorkshire Wildlife Park Is Offering Sunset Visits To The Park This Summer

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Is Offering Sunset Visits To The Park This Summer

As the sun sets over the rolling hills of Yorkshire, the county’s top wildlife park comes alive. Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s Sunset Safari is back – and you’re invited.

Explore the park in a. whole different light as the gates are kept open until late evening allowing you to wander the park at dusk.

Introducing a Sunset Stroll session for the summer, guests can enjoy the park in a whole new way now it’s open – and it’s the perfect way to spend a warm evening.

Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

A romantic stroll around the park, watching the animals stir in the evening sounds like an ideal thing to do after months in lockdown. Some animals such as the polar bears and anteaters become more active at night, so you might just catch a glimpse of some wonderfully fun creatures at play.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Sunset Stroll
Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Taking place on Saturday 5th August Yorkshire Wildlife Park intends to make the most of the season with exciting new features like this.

Guests will be able to enjoy the brand new sunset safari this August. The Yorkshire Wildlife Park website reads: “See the sun set beyond Into Africa as the majestic Lions call in the night.

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“Explore Project Polar and watch the Bears dive in for an evening swim, or delve into the deep jungle of South America as the primates swing in the final glimmers of the summer sun!”

Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

They park has some great food and drink offerings in store, from traditional baked pizzas in the Masai Coffee House to burritos in the Caramba Cabin. You can also enjoy beers, gin & tonics or a glass of bubbles as you watch the sunset – how great is that?

As part of the Sunset Safari visitors can expect a whole host of extras to keep them entertained whilst they’re are wandering the park.

There will be live entertainment from 4:30 to 8:30 including live shows. There will be a range of colourful characters roaming the park as well as the chance to explore the park until 9:30pm.

The park is available to visit all day, but if you buy tickets in the last slots of 4:30 or 5:30, you will receive £5 off the normal admission price. The park will stay open until 9:30pm for the Sunset Safari, and the prices are £24.99 for adults and £20.99 for children.

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