Yorkshire’s ‘First’ Pet Cemetery Is Set To Open Very Soon In Hull

Yorkshire’s ‘First’ Pet Cemetery Is Set To Open Very Soon In Hull

While we could sit all day making Stephen King jokes about creepy cats raising from the dead, in all seriousness, the current process of laying your pet to rest can be pretty undignified at times, particularly if you have nowhere in your own garden to bury your beloved pet.

Now, approved proposals in Hull are set to change all that – bringing the city’s first-ever pet cemetery and crematorium as part of the plans.

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Opening at Priory Woods cemetery in Priory Road, near Cottingham, the new council-run pet cemetery will provide a place for owners to lay their pets to rest, in addition to pet cremation services, a memory garden and a woodland walk.

While there are a number of cremation services in Yorkshire, the new site could well mark the first for the region. The crematorium will also mark the first in Hull, with the nearest services found in Brandesburton, North Newbald and Halsham.

Lisa Buttery, city council customer operations manager, said of the plans: “A locally-based pet cremation service in Hull will provide residents the opportunity to arrange a dignified end to their pet’s life. Consultation results suggest that Hull has a high population of pet owners and there is currently no provision in Hull to allow families to access a local pet cremation service directly.

“Bereavement Services provide a human cremation service for bereaved families currently in the Hull and the East Riding area. The service has in place the staff infrastructure, knowledge and expertise to introduce a pet cremation facility, to compliment the current provision.

“The Priory Woods cemetery is currently undertaking a landscape redesign, to provide a tranquil cemetery and open space. As well as a memory garden, peace garden area and woodland walk, the site will include a pet cemetery. This area is to be used for burial of small animals, and pet cremated remains, providing families with more choice, at a time of sadness due to the loss of a family pet.”

Photo © Paul Harrop (cc-by-sa/2.0) | Priory Woods Cemetery

Cabinet member for communities, councillor Rob Pritchard, said: “I wholeheartedly support the development of a pet cemetery at the Priory Woods Cemetery, which will create an important and impressive asset that will benefit animal lovers of the city and give the pets and pet owners some dignity and respect during a sorrowful time.”

It’s currently suggested that the service could cost £110 per pet, however, it’s likely that more details will be revealed soon as the Council move closer to delivering the new cemetery and crematorium.

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