YouTuber Attempts World Sausage Roll Eating Record At Yorkshire hotel

YouTuber Attempts World Sausage Roll Eating Record At Yorkshire hotel

Love sausage rolls? Ever scoffed one down in a few bites and thought you could just have another? Well, what about another 20? Food and the Beast YouTuber tried just that. At a hotel in Pickering, he attempted to set a world record by munching as many Gregg’s sausage rolls as possible. Sounds like our kind of food challenge.

Food and the Beast YouTube channel has been going since 2011 and has toured all over attempting food challenges and trying new foods – and in his latest video, he attempts to eat as many Gregg’s sausage rolls as possible in 30 minutes.

The Station Inn in Pickering was the location for the world record, which is a new record, so technically he could have eaten just the one, but where’s the fun in that?

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Fellow competitive eater and food adventurer competitive eater Max Vs Food complimented the attempt writing in the comments: “Great going mate!! I forgot how big Greg’s sausage rolls are!!! Don’t think anyone will come close to that any time soon! Looking forward to the next record smashed!!”

If you think that you could give it a good go The Station Inn has been promoting the challenge on their social channel writing: “Who thinks they’re good enough to try beat my mate John’s aka The Beast’s record…”

“We will pay for them. Can you set a new record? Get in touch if you have what it takes.”

As it was the first such record attempt officials at Record Setters will have to confirm before it’s official.

Watch Food and the Best as he attempts his Gregg’s Sausage Roll attempt below:

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