This Yorkshire Diner Has A ‘Burgerpocalypse’ Challenge That We Need To Try

This Yorkshire Diner Has A ‘Burgerpocalypse’ Challenge That We Need To Try

Fancy yourself a decent eater? Reckon you’ve got what it takes to take on these mega food challenges? Then get yourself down to Huckleberry’s Diner in North Yorkshire, near York ‘the UK’s first Man V Food diner.

Opening in 2014, they offer a range of huge food challenges that will have you unfastening the buttons on your jeans and leaving a few belt holes bigger than when you arrived. You’ll either leave a hero on the ‘Wall of Fame’ or a zero on the ‘Hall of Shame’ – either way, it’s worth a pop.

One of their MAMMOTH challenges is named the ‘Bugerpocalypse’ which consists of 6 beef patties, pulled pork, beef chilli, cheese, crispy onions, and fried eggs. 

It weighs in at 5lbs and costs £35 and you have to finish it in 30 minutes or less. You get a voucher of the same price as your meal for completing it successfully.

Credit: Huckleberry’s Diner

Their other food challenges include the ‘Macho Nacho Sombrero Challenge’, which is a 6lb nacho challenge complete with toppings of pulled pork, beef chilli, salsa, cheese and sour cream. 

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The Man Vs Dog challenge has only been completed three times! You’re given 60 minutes to chow down 2x 2ft packed chilli dogs! That’s like the size of a small child. Reckon you’ve got what it takes?

Credit: Huckleberry’s Diner

Not want to eat until your belly explodes? Why not try their ‘Satan’s Lollipops’ challenge? You have 10 minutes to eat 10 spicy chicken wings marinated in a recipe straight from hell, then a 10-minute afterburn period and absolutely no drinking.

Credit: Huckleberry’s Diner

Does Huckleyberry’s Diner Serve Normal Portions?

The answer is yes! Huckleberry’s diner also serves up an array of delicious American Diner classics such as quality ice cream milkshakes, delicious locally-sourced burgers, tender ribs, corndogs, American sodas and beers and some breakfast classics like pancakes and waffles.

Credit: Huckleberry’s Diner

Fancy getting yourself on the ‘Wall of Fame’ or joining the many others on our ‘Wall of Shame’ – head over to the website here for more information.

Watch KyleVFood complete it here:

Watch BeardMeatsFood complete it here:

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