102-Year-Old Care Home Resident Inundated With Champagne After Tweet Goes Viral

102-Year-Old Care Home Resident Inundated With Champagne After Tweet Goes Viral

After the year we’ve had, good news stories like this are like finding a needle in a haystack – but this story about 102-year-old Winifred Senior, known as Winnie, caught our eye – after she received a number of deliveries of champagne after a tweet about wanting a “champagne breakfast” went viral.

Credit: Donna Pierpoint

It all started at Broom Nursing Home when manager, Donna Pierpoint, tweeted that the 102-year-old Winnie asked her carers for a champagne breakfast following an illness. The tweet read: “Made my Day. Winnie is 102 and on Sunday was very poorly. This morning she said “can I have champagne for breakfast” “sorry Win, we’ve only got Prosecco” “Oh that will have to do” I think she’s better. This is why I do my job.”

The tweet went viral with 13.3k likes and over 800 retweets, as well as many well-wishes from people all over the world. Not only that, but Winnie received eight bottles of champagne sent by strangers, which will keep her in champagne breakfast mode for a while!

One of the bottles was sent by Colin McIntosh, from Largs in Scotland, who said: “random acts of kindness are essential”… Mr McIntosh said: “I was touched by the tweet. I liked the fact that at 102-years-old, Winnie has champagne tastes.”

This story is a really touching tale of how a simple gesture can mean so much, and we hope that Winnie has a great Christmas tucking into all those bubbles. Raised in Sheffield, Winnie has dementia and has lived in the nursing home since 2017. 

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