This Yorkshire District Has Been Officially Named The Happiest Place In The UK

It’s not the first time that Yorkshire has been called the happiest place on Earth. And when you hear it come up time and time again, there has to be a reason that us Yorkshire folk are voted the happiest. Is it our can-do attitude? Our willingness to laugh at ourselves? Or our ability to shrug things off with a simple ‘be reyt’?

In a wellbeing survey conducted by the Government that had nearly 140,000 participants, North Yorkshire district Richmondshire was voted the happiest place in the UK. When asked to rate life satisfaction, the people of Richmondshire had the highest score overall. Made up of Catterick, Richmond, Askrigg and Brough with St Giles – this idyllic little part of Yorkshire seems to be loving life (and we think we get why!).

Credit: Unsplash

A range of factors were taken into account during the survey – with a whopping 139,690 participants taking part across the UK. Richmondshire rated at 8.2 out of 10 for life satisfaction – and we bet its thanks to the stunning countryside surrounds, brilliant local pubs and incredible landmarks throughout the district.

So if you are feeling a little bit down and out at the moment, try heading up to North Yorkshire and we are sure you will be feeling better in no time because… science and that.

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Author: The Yorkshireman

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