15 Things That Yorkshire Folk Think Should Be Banned From Pubs

15 Things That Yorkshire Folk Think Should Be Banned From Pubs

There is nothing better than a pub. From traditional country pubs, and local pubs in towns where everyone knows each other’s names to those old-fashioned men’s pubs that you find in city centres. When visiting a pub there might be a few things that get on your nerves and we asked you The Yorkshireman readers to tell us the things that should be banned from pubs. And we have to say, some things were unanimous like kids, dogs and the price of a pint.

1. People who sit at the bar and get in the way when others want to get served

We get this one as it’s a bugger when you get to the bar and the barmaid can’t see you as there is a line of people on stools in front and you kind of have to get on your tiptoes to see over the top and then awkwardly try and get your pints past without spilling afterwards.

2. Children should only be allowed if it’s a restaurant & they’re having a meal

This was one of the most common answers to this question, and gone are the days when you’d be able to sit in’t car with a packet of crisps and a bottle of coke like back in the day.

3. People who think it is acceptable to put their dogs on the seats – particularly when food is served

As proud dog owners, we can see why this would be a problem. For one, not everyone is a dog lover and two, no one wants to mess up their outfit on a night out.

4. People who think they can solve every international problem after two pints

We’ve all become this character at some point, whether it’s pub quiz answers, politics, music or top goal scorer in the prem – after a few pints you can be adamant that you’ve got the answer for all and everyone needs to know right away.

5. Vapes, and smoking in front of the entrance

Nobody wants to start their visit by breathing in the fruity-flavoured lung contents of another person as they enter the pub.

6. People who go to a local twice-a-year and think they own the place, being rude to bar staff and regulars

Not sure about the twice-a-year visit, but we can’t stand rudeness to bar staff. It’s a thumbs up from the Yorkshireman for banning this sort.

7. Pints over a fiver

“Hooow much!” One thing that should never be more than a fiver is a nice pint. Although, things are going up in price lets hope that this never becomes the norm.

8. Fruit machines

There a sure-fire way to bring down the look and feel of a good pub and that’s the flashing lights and notice a fruit machine brings to a place.

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9. Last orders

If only.

10. Those who don’t bother to close the door behind them after entering/leaving when it’s cold outside

Put wood in ‘ole! How hard is it to close a bloody door behind you, especially with the price of heating this year that’s for sure?

11. People who go straight up to the bar get served straight away while others have been waiting for forever

There’s always one person who just seems to catch the barmaids eye as soon as they arrive after you’ve been hidden behind the line of people sat on their stools along the bar

12. People arriving on bikes wearing Lycra then ordering tea or half a lime and soda

Not, sure I’ve been to this pub. Not sure I’d want to either.

13. Use of mobile phones

Now we are getting into Sam Smith’s territory here – and I’m not sure how I feel.

14. That distinct smell every pub’s men’s toilets has. Everyone smells the same

This is a must. How is it that you can have the nicest pub, but the toilets still have that smell of 60-year-old urine emanating from them?

15. Toilets that are miles away & run out of loo roll after 8pm

Wetherspoons started this trend. If you want to get your 10,000 steps in a day this is one way to go about it.

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