This Yorkshire Bar Is Selling Giant 3-Litre Pornstar Martini Towers – And They Look Incredible

You’ve heard of cocktail trees, but have you heard of cocktail towers? Well, you have now and you can get a three-litre cocktail tower here in Yorkshire. Can you imagine what three litres of Pornstar Martinis looks like? Be a grand ol’ night after one of them, that’s for sure.

Credit: The Piper

If you would like to try these new cocktail towers, head on over to Hull and the former nightclub, The Piper. Situated on the popular Newland Avenue in West Hull. They took to social media today to announce their new addition to the menu.

Posting to their Facebook account they wrote: “Your wish is our command,” with a teaser of their new three-litre Pornstar Martini tower.

Credit: The Piper

The cocktail comes with its own dispenser and glasses, so you don’t need to keep ordering. Instead, you and your mates can share a tower for just £24.96. It’s a great way to self-serve drinks in the tower straight at your table.

Credit: The Piper

As well as Pornstar Martinis, you can have Long Island Ice Tea, Sex on the Beach, Woo Woo and Pink Gin Spritz. We can’t wait to try it.

Posting yesterday, their new cocktail towers seem to have got people’s attention as there are been over 2,000 comments and nearly 200 shares.

We’re just excited to be able to report on new happenings in the hospitality sector. It’s feeling like life is creeping back to God’s Own Country.

Credit: Treehouse Bar & Restaurant

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