Yorkshire Is Going Be Hotter Than Greece This Weekend

Yorkshire Is Going Be Hotter Than Greece This Weekend

We can all agree the last few weeks have been cold. Yorkshire dads all over Yorkshire have had to agree to turn up their thermostats – much to their dismay. We can all relax finally, as the weekend temperatures are set to be warmer than Greece as spring finally arrives.

Credit: Usplash

Temperatures across Yorkshire are set to be around 13C on Saturday, according to the Met Office. This rise means that Yorkshire will be officially warmer than Greece which is set to be around 9 – 10C in parts.

Although it is not quite sunbathing weather, it does mean that the beer gardens and pubs are getting closer. We can almost taste that first sip of Dark Fruits. It won’t be long now until it will be BBQ weather, the sun shining in the ski and fingers crossed we may be able to mix again as the whole of the UK has spent since January in lockdown.

Credit; Unsplash

The past few weeks have been wet, cold and dreary – let’s just hope that this is the start of hotter weather for us all!

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