Alexa Can Give Your Children A Message From Santa With This Amazing Hack

Christmas is getting dragged kicking and screaming into 2020. Gone are the days of circling your favourite toys in the Argos catalogue, and writing a letter to Santa will currently take a year with the snail’s pace that the Royal Mail are currently working at. So, what’s the alternative? Shouting into the abyss? Email Santa Clause? 

Credit: Unsplash

Getting kids to behave in the run-up to Christmas has just taken a leap into 2020 as well. Who needs Elf on the Shelf, when this new hack will have your children acting like angels, or scar them for life, thinking they’re living in some dystopian modern world where they’re constantly being watched.

Someone shared an incredible hack to Facebook this year that will make things a whole lot easier and great fun for you and the kids. Your kids can now get a message from Santa that’ll make sure that they’re on their best behaviour on the run up to Christmas with a personalised message especially for them.

Posting to Facebook the person wrote, “Thank me later. Santa has told my children that the elves are in the house and watching. They are now being good and tidying up.”

The brilliant hack is quite simple, and genius at the same time. Just go to Alexa settings, click on ‘profile’, change your name to Santa, and save. Once you have done this go to announcements and type your message for Santa.

Credit: Unsplash

The best thing about this is you can get as creative as you like. Is a weekly roundup on the kid’s naughty list status, or do you have fun and praise them for their little moments of goodness, or give them their chore list for the week. 

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