All Creatures Great and Small’s Rachel Shenton Discusses Future On The Show

All Creatures Great and Small’s Rachel Shenton Discusses Future On The Show

All Creatures Great and Small series 4 is around the corner. Feels like a lifetime since we watched Tristan leave to help the war effort, but it’s finally back early October.

With the fourth series here, we are all interested to see the development in our most beloved characters. For one, Rachel and James’ relationship. Do we see a baby in the near future? And, two will Mrs Hall finally move forward with her love interest?

Returning to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, the fourth series of All Creatures Great and Small continues with timeless tales and heart-warming stories, picking up in springtime of 1940 with change on the horizon for everyone in Skeldale House.

Credit: Channel 5

The series, which has proved popular in the UK and over the pond, follows the series of books written by real-life vet Alf Wight, who wrote under the pen name James Herriot about his adventures in the Yorkshire Dales.

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With plenty of source material, the BAFTA-nominated series could run for years to come, but with the likes of Rachel Shenton and Nicholas Ralph some popular with fans. Will they be in it for the long-run or could we see a change of actors through series?

GB News reports that when speaking to Radio Times, Shenton gave her thoughts on wether or not she could see herself playing Helen for years to come. She said: “I don’t think we’re the people to ask.”

“We absolutely love making it, we’re having a good time and we’d love to do more but – unfortunately – we don’t make those decisions.”

Ralph had a similar reply saying: “We’d love to do more, so we’ll see,” adding “It’s a home away from home now.”

With the success of the programme, we can see it being commissioned for series to come, so let’s hope that it remains a home from home to the core actors of Skeldale House.

As a little example of what it may feel like not to have the core cast here, Tristan isn’t going to feature in the newest series.

Speaking to Lace Lacob on the Masterpiece Studio podcast back in February, she discussed how Tristan’s exit could change the atmosphere in Skeldale House over the next series.

Shenton said: “I mean, I don’t know, I’ve obviously not read anything yet but for sure with Tristan away at war is going to be [quieter], there’s going to be a fun-sized hole missing,”

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