This Leeds Foodie Spot Has Created A Pigs In Blanket Yorkshire Pudding Wrap

Is it Christmas 2020 if there isn’t a pigs in blankets take in all shops across the land? We bloomin’ hope not, as these wrapped up little gifts are making our festive period with all the amazing variations we’ve seen. And now The Yorkshire Wrap Company in Leeds Kirkgate Market has jumped on the bacon-wrapped bandwagon.

Credit: The Yorkshire Wrap Company

They’ve created their own festive food with their Xmas Yorkshire Wrap. We must say it looks absolutely delicious. It includes slow-roasted turkey, red cabbage, pigs in blankets, homemade stuff and cranberry sauce. And all this delicious food is coated in real stock gravy! Yummm.

Taking to social media last night they announced their new Xmas item, and people are very excited to try it (can’t blame them). In their post, they said: “So tomorrow sees the return of the delicious Xmas Yorkshire Wrap!! Slow roast Turkey, red cabbage, real stock gravy, pigs in blankets, homemade stuffing and cranberry sauce!!! It’s a reet treat!!! “

Credit: The Yorkshire Wrap Company

People are really excited to try these bad boys out. One person said, “ohhhh I want well without the cranberry sauce and cabbage for me, sounds beaut!”

Someone was a little gutted to be out of the country and unable to try them writing “Ffs, you shipping international yet hahha.”

But out the favourite comment was “You had me at pigs in blankets!” We couldn’t agree more, we will be getting down to the market and try these as soon as possible.

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