The Famous Flying Scotsman Is Coming To Yorkshire This Summer

The Famous Flying Scotsman Is Coming To Yorkshire This Summer

You will be able to catch a glimpse of the famous Flying Scotsman in Yorkshire this year as it sets out on its journeys once more. The train operates between Edinburgh and London via the East Coast Main Line, and you may be able to take a trip on it this year if you’re lucky.

Flying Scotsman
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Beginning its journey back in 1928 it has set two world records for steam traction. It became the first steam locomotive to ‘officially authenticated at teaching 100 miles per hour’ back in November 1934. It also set the record for the longest non-stop run by a steam locomotive running 422 miles in 1989 while in Australia.

The locomotive has gained considerable fame and travelled the globe for people to see. And now you can track a ride in Yorkshire! It has retired from service after over 4million miles, but still returns to the tracks for special trips and is doing so in 2021.

Credit: Pixabay

Whether you’d like to just catch a glimpse of it or take a ride yourself, we’ve got the key dates to put in your calendar for the famous Flying Scotsman.

The key dates to look out for the Flying Scotsman here are some dates to keep in mind:

June 19th – Returning from London King’s Cross To York, you will be able to catch a peak along this route.

June 11th – It will be making a return journey from York to Carlisle, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

August 22nd – It will again be taking the return journey from York to Carlisle in case you missed it the first time.

Credit: Piqsels

If you’d like to take a ride on the Flying Scotsman, visit the Yorkshire Railway Museum for tickets.

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