Arctic Monkey’s Glastonbury Fate Confirmed As Alex Turner Suffers From Acute Laryngitis

Arctic Monkey’s Glastonbury Fate Confirmed As Alex Turner Suffers From Acute Laryngitis

All is not lost! Yorkshire grit saves Glastonbury as it’s confirmed that Alex Turner and the rest of the Arctic Monkeys will be performing at the festival this weekend.

The Sheffield band are one of the most anticipated bands for this weekend’s festival and after a scare that they might not make it after Turner pulled out of Dublin gig due to acute laryngitis, it’s been confirmed that they will in fact take to the stage this weekend.

The band issued a statement about the illness, writing: “Alex is suffering from acute laryngitis and, following medical advice, has been ordered to rest.”

Speaking on BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show Emily Eavis confirmed the news to presenter Zoe Ball saying: “They’re on, they’re on”

She continued: “It was a little bit close for a minute… thankfully they’re on”

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It’s good news for those heading to Worthy Farm for this weekend’s festivities as they will be able to look good on the dancefloor, no longer have to be a mardy bum and enjoy a good dance under the mirrorball this weekend..

Fans can expect a fantastic show. We were lucky enough to catch their homecoming gig earlier this month. And opening with Brainstorm hit us right in the feels, sending us back to the noughties. Watch them open with Brainstorm below.


The perfect opener for their homecoming gig 🙌 Arctic Monkeys at Hillsborough Park Sheffield 📍 #arcticmonkeys #arcticmonkeyslive #thecartour #hillsboroughpark #sheffield #alexturner

♬ original sound – The Yorkshireman

Arctic Monkeys will be playing for the 200,000 or so festival-goers this weekend, so they and us via the streaming services can once again hear his dulcet tones.

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Credit: Arctic Monkeys

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