You Can Now Buy A Pop-Up Bar From Argos And It’s Perfect For BBQs

We’ve all seen the brilliant (albeit expensive) garden makeovers this summer, which have seen genius families take regular old garden sheds and completely transform them into their own pubs – and if you’re owt like me, you’ll have probably been pretty jealous.

But now, allowing us all to pimp up our summer BBQs, Argos has released their very own foldable bar – and it’s actually nice-looking and affordable.

Credit: Argos

Complete with a wooden finish that looks lovely against any kind of greenery, the bar costs just £220 – and includes the bar itself, as well as two stools to finish it off.

The best part, though? It actually folds away when you’re done with it, so you can pop it away without having to worry about it rotting in the garden all winter. Shake up some cocktails for your garden party guests, or finish it off with your very own beer tap – which Amazon has been stocking us up with over lockdown.

To snap yours up before they inevitability sell out, check it out here.

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