This Amazing At-Home Beer Tap Will Bring The Pub To You This Lockdown

Take my money! Every man has had the thought of ‘I’d love to have my own bar’, and now, this dream is closer than it seems. This winter, more so than any other, is the perfect time to create the man cave you’ve always dreamed about – and we’ve found the perfect thing to pimp it out with.

Credit: Beer Hawk

The PerfectDraft Home Bar System is the perfect way to bring the pub to you over the summer – with kegs coming in at 6 litres which are cooled to the perfect temperature of 3°C degrees, keeping it fresh for 30 days.

You can pick from an array of bundles with up to 30 different beer brands such as Corona, Stella Artois, Tiny Rebel, Leffe. It’s described as easy to use so you won’t feel like you’ve just turned up unprepared to a job down at your new local. Although, if mates catch wind of it, you could be pulling more pints than you’d originally hoped.

There’s also a ‘return and earn’ scheme which allows you to return your empty kegs and exchange them for a £5 beer token. The PerfectDraft Home Bar System & 6L Beer Keg Starter Packs are retailing at a starting price of £282. If you want to try these bad boys out for yourself, check them out here.