This Baileys Slow Cooker Cocktail Is The Perfect Winter Warmer

This Baileys Slow Cooker Cocktail Is The Perfect Winter Warmer

The Christmas period is amongst us – and as much as we love the twinkling lights and banging festive tunes, there’s only one this we are here for. The bevvies. And, this Christmas tipple is one I’m sure many of you will be trying this festive period. Fancy a Baileys slow cooker cocktail this Christmas?

As we edge closer to Christmas, the beverages are guaranteed to flow. The staples will be getting necked, from mulled wine to hot toddies. And before the Christmas period gets in full swing we wanted to make sure you had to chance to give this Baileys cocktail recipe a try for yourself.

Everyone has most of these ingredients stocked in their house over the festive period. And, with most supermarkets having deals on Baileys at the minute we advise you plenty to keep the festive period merry.


2 litres milk
Single cream
Hot chocolate powder
Vanilla vodka
Whipped cream


  • Pour two litres of milk into the slow cooker
  • Next, add a little of the single cream
  • Then add a few spoon fulls of your favourite hot chocolate powder
  • Next pour in a generous helping of Cointreau
  • Next pour in a generous helping of vanilla vodka
  • Then a whole bottle of baileys
  • Add a big dollop of Nutella
  • Combine the mixture together with a hand blender
  • Leave on low heat for two hours
  • Serve in whiskey tumblers cocktail glass
  • Optional, decorate with whipped cream and marshmallows

Et voila, your Baileys slow cooker cocktail is ready. We’ll be getting this posh cocktail knocked up a few times over Christmas ready for merriment and fun. If you do try it out let us know what you think! Check out the Mancave bartender TikTok here.

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Feature Image Credit: Mancave bartender/ Baileys

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