BBC Viewers Believe Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year’s Special Was ‘Painful’ Viewing

BBC Viewers Believe Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year’s Special Was ‘Painful’ Viewing

New Year and the same problems. It seems that Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year episode has left some fans left unsatisfied.

It aired on BBC One Sunday 1st of January and viewers took to social media to criticise the popular show deeming it painful viewing.

When Mrs Brown’s Boys first came about back in 2011, it seemed the BBC had struck gold with their brand-new comedy. But as with any successful show, the critics began to creep out of the woodwork by the bucket load – potentially making it the most ‘marmite’ show here in the UK.

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The synopsis of the episode says the episode focuses on Cathy’s ‘creepy’ boyfriend and Buster and Dermot are convinced he’s a vampire so come up with a plan t save Cathy.

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The episode didn’t meet many views expectations LADBible reports. One fan tweeted saying: “@BBC how can we, the good people get a refund on our TV license for #mrsbrownsboys It is awful to the point of painful.”

Another agreed showing they were disappointed tweeting “My parents are watching Mrs Brown’s Boys. I can legally disown them for that right #mrsbrownsboys #painful.”

With a third commenting: “A third person penned: “I can’t believe anybody finds mbb funny. It’s the most unfunny show I’ve ever seen #MrsBrownsBoys.”

However, not everyone was left disappointed with the New Year’s Mrs Browns Boys with one person writing: “Don’t care what anyone says: Mrs Brown’s Boys is FUNNY!”

With another agreeing: “Finally someone else who likes Mrs Brown’s Boys!! The Christmas tree gag in every Christmas special always has me laughing”.

Like it or love it. It’s clear that Mrs Browns Boys is a staple for most people’s Christmas and New Year and will not be going anywhere fast.

Brits love a moan really. So, even if you didn’t find Mrs Browns Boys your cup of tea, at least you got to start the year off with a good moan and that seems fair to us.

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