Bee-Friendly Bus Shelters Set To Be Installed In Yorkshire

Bee-Friendly Bus Shelters Set To Be Installed In Yorkshire

The city of Hull in East Yorkshire is set to install bee-friendly bus shelters with wildflowers in certain parts in a bid to attract bees and other pollinatiing insects.

19 new bus shelters will be places on Hall Road and Hedon over the next few months transforming bus shelters in a poor condition.

Bees and other pollinating insects such as butterflies and hoverflies are vital to a stable and healthy food supply chain. Bees are perfect adapted to polinate and help plants grow and this new action will help maintain the bee population.

These ‘living roofs’ have already been installed across the UK and can include daisies and wild strawberries the and will help increase the population of insects across the UK which have been in decline across the wrold.

A grant from the governemtn of £96,865 will fund the new bus shelthers through the UK shared Prosperity Fund. Theproject is being worked on by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, community garden groups, local artists and schools.

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Mark Ieronimo, the city council’s portfolio holder for transport, discuees the project saying it will help “support biodiversity, contribute towards climate resilience and support our efforts to make public transport more attractive.”

He continued saying it would make a : “greener and more sustainable future” for the Hull with residents asked to help experts develop the mix of wildflowers sown on the roofs.

A contract has been awarded to Ace Shelters to supply the environmentally friendly shelters, he said.

“We have a number of bus shelters that need to be replaced, and thanks to this successful funding bid, we are now able to do this at no cost to council taxpayers.”

Not only will the bee bus stops scheme help nature it’ll also offer top deck passengers of a double decker bus a prettier site than your typical offering.

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Feature Image Credit: Ace Shelters

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