10 Of The Best Beaches In Yorkshire, According To Tripadvisor

10 Of The Best Beaches In Yorkshire, According To Tripadvisor

Here in Yorkshire, we’re completely blessed with a large stretch of coastline, all of which boasts incredible natural beauty that sees hundreds flocking to it every year. Including ourselves. But where do we visit on a coastline that’s peppered with fantastic destinations? Here’s the best beaches in Yorkshire according to Tripadvisor users to help you make up your mind.

1. Filey

Credit: Pixabay

Leading the pack for Yorkshire beaches, Filey was rated the best of the bunch – and it’s no surprise since Tripadvisor users rated it so highly, it appeared in their list of ‘best beaches in the world’.

Now, we know it’s not exactly a tropical paradise, but there’s something we adore about British beaches. Dark golden sands, the deep blue-hued sea, vast stretches that are seemingly untouched. Sure, it gets a little busy when the sun comes out, but it’s far less busy than the more popular seaside resorts, and for that, users love it.

2. Sandsend

Credit: Unsplash

It’s not exactly a sunbathing beach, but Sandsend is a great place to stretch your legs – particularly if you have a dog (which is exactly why users rated it so highly).

Offering views of Whitby Abbey (and beyond), a great chippy, and quiet places to explore, Sandsend is another perfect spot for those who wants to avoid the bigger crowds.

3. Robin Hood’s Bay

Credit: Pexels

A personal fave of ours thanks to its fisherman village charm, Robin Hood’s Bay is a wonderful place to explore all year round. The cottages themselves provide for beautiful sights, with little coves, a number of fossils washed up to shore to find, rock pools, and a couple of fab chippies and cafes.

4. North Landing, Flamborough

Flamborough Head, North Landing
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Paul Allison – geograph.org.uk/p/1860

We love Flamborough for a number of reasons (the first one being its photogenic qualities), but what Tripadvisor users rated it highly for was its sheltered beach which attracts marine life (including seals!), the fact that it’s home to wonderful rock pools and, of course, the fact that it has incredible views out to sea.

Due to the location of the cliffs, the beach stays hot all day, and really is the ultimate sun trap for East Yorkshire dwellers.

5. Bridlington South Beach

South Sands, Bridlington
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Peter Gordois – geograph.org.uk/p/747501

While South Beach is the quieter beach in Bridlington, it still attracts many people on the warmer days, and in the off-season, it’s a hot spot for dog walkers.

The huge stretch of beach provides the perfect backdrop for a sunny stroll, where you can build sandcastles and dip your toes in the sea undisturbed by Bridlington’s amusements and busy crowds.

6. Whitby

Credit: Pixabay

Home to two lovely beaches, Whitby was rated highly due to its cleanliness and vast array of activities – particularly water-based sports such as sailing and surfing.

If that wasn’t all, there’s a huge row of colourful beach huts that visitors can enjoy, as well as, of course, the entirety of Whitby to explore once you’re fed up of the beach, and a whole host of fantastic fish and chip shops to try.

7. Saltburn

Credit: Pixabay

Beautiful Saltburn, Yorkshire’s stunning Victorian seaside resort. Many people love it because of its traditional pier and interesting cliff lift, but what Tripadvisor users love about it is the surfing opportunities and the quietness of the resort in comparison to Yorkshire’s other seaside spots.

There’s much less to do in terms of attractions here, however, that’s exactly what makes it the perfect place for a quiet couples break or a relaxed holiday with friends. Most of all, Saltburn is a surfer’s paradise, so you’re likely to spot a few people trying to catch a wave during your visit.

8. Scarborough

Credit: Pixabay

Scarborough: one of the most nostalgic places you can visit in Yorkshire. The bustling seaside resort is perfect for families – with amusements, ample bars and restaurants, traditional sweet shops and chocolatiers, rides and so much more. The beach itself often gets busy, but users rated it highly for its pretty sights and atmosphere (and rightly so!).

9. Cayton Bay

Cayton Bay
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © T Eyre – geograph.org.uk/p/5923932

A hidden gem just down the road from Scarborough, Cayton Bay is well worth a visit if you fancy escaping the crowds to enjoy a quiet stretch of beautiful beach. Surfers and sight-seekers often flock to the spot to enjoy the peaceful beauty, with plenty of walking routes to enjoy in the area, too.

10. Boggle Hole

Boggle Hole, near Robin Hood’s Bay
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Elliott Simpson – geograph.org.uk/p/367510

If there’s one true hidden gem on this list, it’s this one. Not only is it fairly secluded, but it’s also pretty difficult to get to, so naturally, it’s never too busy. Tripadvisor users have rated it highly for its beautiful views out to sea, and described the location as family friendly and a great spot for walking.

Guests can enjoy nearby beauty spots such as Robin Hood’s Bay, as well as an ice cream van parked up on the beach after you’ve done exploring the cave.

[Featured image: Pixabay]

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