These Are The Top 10 Fish & Chips In North Yorkshire, According To TripAdvisor

These Are The Top 10 Fish & Chips In North Yorkshire, According To TripAdvisor

Fish & chips are the greatest takeaway food and a favourite in Yorkshire. If you’re wanting to visit the best chippies, it has to be in the North. Getting the right chippy can be hit and miss, and if you’ve travelled all the way to enjoy a day out, you don’t want a chippy tea to ruin your day. We’ve put together a list of the best fish & chips in North Yorkshire according to TripAdvisor reviews to help you get the best when you visit the North of Yorkshire.

1. Lifeboat Fish Bar, Scarborough

Credit: Lifeboat Fish Bar

Lifeboat Fish Bar is a family run traditional fish & chip shop that prides themselves on providing good quality food and service. It is located in the seaside town of Scarborough, which is the perfect place for a family day out, that can be topped with some lovely fish & chips at this local restaurant.

2. Thompsons Fish Restaurant, York

Credit: Thompsons

Voted Best Fish & Chips in 2013 this 120-seater restaurant in York is the perfect place to sit and enjoy the Nation’s favourite supper. They have been going for over ten years, so you know that the quality is there! York is one of Yorkshire’s most popular tourist destinations, so we are sure you’ll be able to a make lovely day of it.

3. North Bay Fisheries, Scarborough

Credit: North Bay Fisheries

The North Bay Fisheries is a local favourite and likes to keep to the basics. The award-winning chippy is as traditional as they come. If you’re wanting some classic fish & chips, they’re one to visit. Over 900 TripAdvisor reviews can’t be wrong! There is no surprise it is one of the best fish & chips in North Yorkshire.

4. Papa’s Fish & Chips, Whitby

Credit: Papa’s

Papa has won many awards for its top-quality produce. The family-run fish & chip shop has been going for over 50 years. They pride themselves on sourcing the most sustainable locally produced fish and potatoes to create some of the best fish & chips the Nation has to offer. Over 50 years of the best fish & chips in North Yorkshire.

5. Miller’s Fish & Chips, York

Credit: Miller’s Fish & Chips

There is nothing better than a good fish & chip tea after a tiring day, and the reviews of Miller’s in York show they produce just that. Set in Haxby, they’re the kings of consistency. Standing out in York, a popular tourist spot is no small feat.

6. Drakes Fisheries, York

Credit: Drakes

Tucked away in the city centre on Lower Petergate, the fish & chip shop was established in 1984. Although it may be an oldie, this fish & chips shop moves with the time and even has gluten-free options for customers.

7. Trenchers, Whitby

Credit: Trenchers

A point of interest itself in Whitby, Trenchers opened way back in 1980, and has been selling traditional fish & chips in the seaside town of Whitby ever since. They have some of the best seafood you’ll find in Whitby, and their fish & chips are top-notch as well!

8. Papa’s Fish & Chips, Scarborough

Credit: Papa’s

The second mention for a Papa’s restaurant on the list. It’s easy to see how the years of experience in the industry has worked its magic on a number of its restaurants. has won many awards for its top-quality produce. Sustainable and locally produced fish and potatoes seem to agree with the customers.

9. The Fisherman’s Wife, Whitby

Credit: Fisherman’s Wife

One you’ll see in many of the best chippies in the UK list, The Fisherman’s Wife has a loyal following and is a consistent top-tier chippy! They serve traditional fish & chips and a variety of seafood and non-seafood dishes. Best of all they have a dog-friendly area as well, so you’re pup can sit with you.

10. Magpie Cafe, Whitby

Credit: Magpie Cafe

The Magpie Cafe sits right on the Harbour Front opposite the 199 steps, the seafood restaurant comes highly commended by TripAdvisor users. With generous portions and the typical menu you’d expect, The Magpie Cafe has some glowing reviews. Users have left reviews such as “best fish and chips I’ve ever had” and “the fact that people queue up outside tells you how good it is”.

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