This Steakhouse Is Yorkshire’s Answer To Salt Bae Serving Up £200 Gold Leaf Tomahawk Steak

This Steakhouse Is Yorkshire’s Answer To Salt Bae Serving Up £200 Gold Leaf Tomahawk Steak

Yorkshire has its own version of the viral sensation Salt Bae, renowned for serving expensive cuts of meat and his provocative sprinkling of salt flakes on his tasty meats. The new restaurant Three Flames Steakhouse in Wakefield is an exciting opening.

A businessman from Wakefield, Mr Shamchiyev, opened the Three Flames restaurant in December after being unable to find an extra special restaurant in the district.

Already the owner of The Codfather in Lupset, he decided to launch his upmarket steakhouse after visiting butcher Nusret Gökçe’s, more commonly known as Salt Bae, Nusr-Et, in Turkey.

Three Flames Steakhouse Wakefield
Credit: Three Flames Steakhouse

Facebook pages like UNILAD and LADBible helped make Salt Bae rise to fame but it is his expensive cuts of meat and showmanship which has helped the celebrity chef amount 22 successful restaurants around the world.

Now Wakefield’s open Three Flames is offering a similar slice of luxury with marbled cuts of meat including 28-day dry-aged beef, Wagyu beef and covered with gold-leaf covered tomahawk and t-bone steaks.

Alongside the tasty slabs of meat, the restaurant serves salads, burgers, lamb racks and chops, halloumi and falafel burgers for vegetarians and a cauliflower steak for vegans.

It’s not just the food that’s excellent the venue is showstopping as well with smoky cocktails, an elegantly styled venue and a great atmosphere make this the perfect experience.

Three Flames Steakhouse Wakefield
Credit: Three Flames Steakhouse

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The Wakefield Express reported that Mr Shamchiyev said: “I was inspired by Salt Bae, a famous Turkish chef, to open this restaurant. I went to one of his restaurants in Turkey, before he was famous, and the experience was amazing. The food was fantastic, the service was great and there was plenty to choose from.

“Salt Bae now has many restaurants around the world. We only want this one restaurant, but we want to keep improving and bring something new to Wakefield.

“When I want to go out for a meal, I have to go to Leeds, which is something I want to change. We only offer the best cuts of meat available on the market. It is purchased and prepared fresh daily, and the quality is apparent when you cut into and taste the meat.

“The restaurant is a place where people can come together and enjoy themselves. Our customers are amazed at the high-quality finish of the restaurant and our aim is to treat every customer as well as we would in our own homes.”

Mr Shamchiyev added: “Our goal is to be the restaurant, not just in Wakefield but in Yorkshire. We have the facilities to provide exceptional food and service, and we have exceptional plans to grow.

“We chose Lupset as it is an area that attracts people from the local area and surrounding towns and cities. It has great links to the city centre and the motorway.”

To get booked in or check out the menu visit the Three Flames in Wakefield website here.

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Feature Image Credit: Three Flames Steakhouse

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