Bikers Fined For 200-Mile Trip To Whitby For Fish And Chips

It’s safe to say that during lockdown we have all had that moment where we’ve wanted to forget about the rules and go out for the day. Being in the house all the time, staring at the same four walls, watching the same things on Netflix and rearranging the house can start to lose its novelty. But, the more we stick to the Governments rules, the quicker this will be over and the sooner we can be down the pub with a pint in hand.

This didn’t seem to be the case for two bikers from Manchester who decided to take a 200-mile round trip from Rochdale to Whitby to get some fish and chips. The two have been fined for breaching coronavirus lockdown restrictions before being sent home by the police.

Credit: Unsplash

Whitby police said the trip was not “reasonable travel.” . “Whitby Neighbourhood Policing Team were patrolling the A169 and stopped two motorcyclists who had travelled from Rochdale purely for fish and chips… Both were sent home and issued fines.” This is not the first time people have been breaking the coronavirus restrictions to travel to rural areas.

Credit: Unsplash

Recently there was a flood of visitors to Malham during the nice period of weather. Police had to tell people to go home and received some abuse for doing their job.

It does seem unfair that others feel like they can breach the rules like this whilst most stay at home and stick to the lockdown rules accordingly. Boris Johnson is due to speak on Sunday to inform the country on what to expect in the next stages of lockdown.

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[Featured image: Unsplash]