Exciting Shipping Container ‘Box Park’ With Street Food & Bars Could Be Coming To Hull

Exciting Shipping Container ‘Box Park’ With Street Food & Bars Could Be Coming To Hull

Hull is fast becoming the place to be with new independent restaurants and bars popping up all over the city. And, the news of a shipping container ‘box park’ housing street food sellers, bars and other vendors is another exciting prospect for the city by the Humber estuary.

Citing Hatch in Manchester, Box Park in Shoreditch in London and Spark:York as examples this could be another great and exciting opportunity for Hull to further its culinary scene which is built on these smaller pop up street food stalls being offered a foot up with opportunities like this.

Having been to Spark:York in York city centre a few times, the idea of having something similar closer to home is an exciting prospect. The East Yorkshire city is fast becoming a cool city to be shedding its past and leaning into its maritime heritage.

Check out York’s Box Park Spark:York below:

The box park would be located on the land between High Street and Clarence street by the Drypool Bridge and Hull City Council are currently drawing up plans, according to Hull Live.

Shipping containers would be repurposed to house street food vendors and bars along with art and craft studios. After the success of Paragon Arcade and Humber Street it’s clear that the city has an appetite for new opportunities such as this that help start-ups find their feet.

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It’s said that the containers, much like other box parks, will be arranged around a central courtyard allowing for all year round events.

Box Park Hull
Credit: Google

The site proposed is on High Street in the Old Town in the city centre and would fit with the High Street and Fruit Market helping to compliment the progress made in this area of the town. It’ll be used for events and other such things including to help promote the city’s maritime heritage.

Cllr Drake-Davis said the development was an ideal solution for the unused plot of land. The portfolio holder said: “Run well, they can bring a new dynamic to the city centre like those in Newcastle and Manchester an have also proven to be very successful across London.

“Aside from enriching and diversifying the city’s leisure and culture offer, box parks can also provide a social mission. The intention for one on this site is to help provide people in Hull with another pathway for entrepreneurship.”

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Feature Image Credit: Spark:York

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