Brewdog Is Giving Away Free Beers To Celebrate The End Of Lockdown

Hurraaay! It’s finally here. The pubs are back and summer is saved! We know that we aren’t completely out of the woods just yet, but with lockdown being slowly lifted, we can gradually regain some normality back in our lives. One of those being a trip to the pub with pals for a nice cold beer.

Credit: Unsplash

Celebrating in style, Brewdog has announced that they’re now offering the world a free beer – a generous offering from the much-loved independent brewery. As a reward for doing our bit during lockdown, you can claim a nice cold pint of Brewdog ale to celebrate the reopening of their bars across the nation.

Credit: Unsplash

And it’s easy to get your hands on yours, too – all you need to do it follow the link, sign up and wait for Brewdog to let you know when their bars re-open. Their message until then is:

“Through the best of times and the worst. Soon, beer is going to do that again. And when that day comes. When all of this is over. We are going to buy everyone a free beer. Until then, stay home. Stay safe. And look after each other. We’ll see you on the other side.”

Follow this link to sign up for your beer now!

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