Someone Created A Map Of Best-Selling Artists By County – And Some People Aren’t Happy

Someone Created A Map Of Best-Selling Artists By County – And Some People Aren’t Happy

A map is doing the round on socia media, which shows the ‘Best Selling Musical Artists By ENglish County of Origin’ by Brilliant Maps, and it’s splitting opinions like anything that is ever posted on the internet.

Created by reddit user uvbseventysix, it went viral a few years ago and is doing the rounds once more – obviously people are getting angry if their favourite bands aren’t featured.

In Yorkshire, the bands consisted of Beautiful South, for East Yorkshire, who sold over 15 million records worldwide and were known for such hits as ‘Song For Whoever, ‘Perfect 10’, ‘Rotterdam’ and ‘Don’t Marr Her’ to name a few.

Over in West Yorkshire it was the ever-popular indie band Kaiser Chiefs, known for tunes such as ‘I Predict A Riot’ and ‘Ruby’, selling over 8 million albums worldwide.

British Bands By County
Take a closer look here
Credit: Brilliant Maps

South Yorkshire might be a bit of a debate as modern folk may have said the Sheffield lads Arctic Monkeys, but Def Leppard made the list here selling a massive 100 million records worldwide.

And the York boys, Shed Seven took the North Yorkshire spot with classic 90s tunes ‘Chasing Rainbows’ and ‘Going For Gold’.

Is there any bands that you think need a shout out in the list? Wakefield indie band The Cribs, Sheffield boy Jarvis Cocker? 

People in the comments on Reddit surely thought so with some writing: “The best they could come up with for South Yorkshire was def leppard….. in the bin!!!”

Another person wrote: “The Beautiful South, the only good thing to come out of Hull”.

And, another person commented on North Yorkshire: “Surely Chris Rea has sold more records than Shed Seven? He’s sold more than 30 million records worldwide!”

We’ve covered some of our favourite bands to come out of Sheffield, check out the list here and let us know what you think.

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