Cadbury’s Is Finally Launching An Orange Dairy Milk Chocolate Block

Cadbury’s Is Finally Launching An Orange Dairy Milk Chocolate Block

It’s well and truly been the year of orange chocolate. I’m surprised even our Bisto isn’t infused with the bloody stuff, but here we are today, scoffing our faces with the indulgent treat, falling for the marketing every single time a popular chocolate brand adds a bit of orange oil into the equation.

And here we are now, doing the exact same thing again.

Finally infusing their classic Dairy Milk bar with the flavour, Cadbury’s is officially set to launch a sharing block of Dairy Milk Orange, diversifying the range further following the success of both the Orange Twirl and their Orange Buttons.

Spotted by the monarchs of new grub, NewfoodsUK, it appears the bars will launch in both supermarkets and convenience stores over the coming weeks, adding a bit of fruitiness to the shelves following the saturated Easter market.

It’s not just Cadbury’s who have been playing around with the flavour, either, with Galaxy recently launching their very own orange chocolate bar – infusing their iconic smooth and silky chocolate with real orange oil.

Cadbury has also just released a brand new white chocolate sharing block as part of their Marvellous Creations range, too, which includes jelly pieces, rice crispies and popping candy – just like the iconic milk chocolate bar.

[Featured image: NewfoodsUK]

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