Channel 5 Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen Co-Star Praises The Yorkshire Dales Farmer

Channel 5 Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen Co-Star Praises The Yorkshire Dales Farmer

The Yorkshire Shepherdess, Amanda Owen has fast become one of the most well-known Yorkshire folk ever thanks to Channel 5 reality show Our Yorkshire Farm. The show follows the mother of nine and her husband, Clive Owen, as they run Ravenseat Farm, which they adore.

Following the realities of farming life, people are enthralled by the slower pace of life and Amanda’s inspiring parenting skills, but also the difficulties that farmers face. Amanda has appeared in a number of other farming series since her start on Our Yorkshire Farm, including Springtime on a Farm.

Amanda is a frequent visitor on Springtime on a Farm along with Countryfile’s Adam Henson and JLS’ JB Gill.

Speaking to, the pop star turned farmer discussed what it’s like to work with Amanda Owen.

JB paid tribute to his co-star saying “We’ve been on the show together, in fact, on pretty much all of them on the farm series. I think this year, we’re both going to be working together, which is cool.”

“Amanda is great, she’s always been lovely every time I’ve met her and her children as well, Ruben I’ve met, and a couple of others.”

Credit: Channel 5

The JLS star discussed advice the Our Yorkshire Farm star had given him: “As farmers, you always trade…I wouldn’t say secrets but you only trade information whenever you meet up.”

He added: “[Amanda] She’s up in Yorkshire and I am down in Kent so it’s completely different backgrounds and climates which should be farmed differently.

“So, there’s not really much of a crossover but when we see each other, we always have a good chat and just see how things are going.”

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