Channel 5’s ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ Actor Says Skeldale House Will Be ‘Emptier’ In Series 4

Channel 5’s ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ Actor Says Skeldale House Will Be ‘Emptier’ In Series 4

After a dramatic ending to the third series of Channel 5’s All Creatures Great and Small, which saw popular character Tristan Farnon head off to war, fans are eagerly awaiting the next series.

But, will he feature in the hit series, or will we be left with an emptiness usually filled with Tristan’s hilarious antics?

The Christmas special that saw off December 2022 was filled with more World War Two plot lines, the main one being Tristan’s decision to join the army’s war effort.

Well, Rachel Shenton, who plays Helen Anderson (Now Helen Herriot) hinted at what is to be expected from the All Creatures Great and Small series 4 set in the Yorkshire Dales.

Credit: Channel 5

Speaking to Lace Lacob on the Masterpiece Studio podcast back in February, she discussed how Tristan’s exit could change the atmosphere in Skeldale House over the next series.

Shenton said: “I mean, I don’t know, I’ve obviously not read anything yet but for sure with Tristan away at war is going to be [quieter], there’s going to be a fun-sized hole missing,”

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“He brings the fun and he brings the laughter, he’s a cheeky chappy. He’s certainly going to be missed around Skeldale,” she added.

“I wonder who’s going to be rubbing Siegfried up the wrong way… I don’t know, it might just be a bit boring without him. But I’m looking for I’m looking forward to reading what’s in store. So it’s just as exciting for us to get the scripts, it really is!”.

This was back at the start of the year, so we are sure Shenton has an idea of what is happening now. But, it does lead us to ponder a life without Tristan – and it’s one we can’t cope with.

Whilst we all speculate what might happen in the new series, Nicholas Ralph, who plays James Herriott, has teased information about the new series in a new interview.

The Express reports that Nicholas said there’d be “More of the same… I mean they have now come together, they live together, and they’re very much a team.

“And I think it is just a flourishing of that and it’s a new stage in the relationship…so the flourishing of this slightly more mature stage of the relationship.

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Feature Image Credit: Channel 5

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