‘Clarkson’s Farm’ Series 2 Premiere Date Has Finally Been Revealed – And It’s Very Soon!

‘Clarkson’s Farm’ Series 2 Premiere Date Has Finally Been Revealed – And It’s Very Soon!

After a year-and-a-half hiatus, Amazon Prime has finally gifted patient Clarkson’s Farm fans (including ourselves) with fantastic news: that the show is set to return in less than two months. At. Long. Last.

Confirming that Jeremy and co would return for a second season on Diddly Squat farm back in summer 2021, fans can now get ready for the show’s highly anticipated return this winter, with Amazon Prime announcing that the new series would drop on February 10th, 2023 – AKA, less than two months from now!

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Picking back up with the many trials and tribulations involved in running a farm, Jeremy and Kaleb will both return, alongside a fleet of new animals who have found a home on the farm.

The new series will also see Clarkson’s multiple battles with the council in the lead-up to his restaurant opening – something that was detailed on the show back in 2021 as he planned the opening of his farm shop.

Other cast favourites such as Clarkson’s partner Lisa, advisor Charlie, and the brilliant Gerald Cooper will also return for the new series.

Ahead of series two’s premiere, Amazon Prime has also renewed the show for a third series, which Clarkson revealed back in October of this year.

Clarkson said: “I’m genuinely thrilled that we are doing a third season of Clarkson’s Farm. I’ve had some great new ideas, all of which have made Charlie, Lisa and Kaleb deeply unhappy,”

Credit: Prime UK

Partner Lisa added: “There is a whole lot to catch up on here at Diddly Squat – series two is on its way so not long to wait for you to see how much the hard work and love of farming continues. It’s just grand to be already filming series three,”

It’s unclear whether the entire series will drop on February 10th or whether Amazon Prime will adopt a new airing method like Netflix, however, judging by recent projects, it appears we’ll be able to binge-watch the whole thing that day.

Clarkson purchased Diddly Squat farm back in 2008, however, he didn’t take up farming himself until local farmer Howard retired in 2019. The farm was previously a part of the Sarsden estate in Oxfordshire.

The series has been so successful that co-star Kaleb has gone on to take up huge projects of his own, including the launch of his very own cider brand and even tell-all book about his life in the farming community.

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