Jeremy Clarkson Wants To ‘Sink To His Knees And Weep’ With Huge Problem On The Farm

Jeremy Clarkson Wants To ‘Sink To His Knees And Weep’ With Huge Problem On The Farm

Last month the news we’d all been waiting for was announced, ‘Clarkson’s Farm’, the popular Amazon Prime show, was renewed for a second series. But, after this excitement, not all is going to plan on the 1,000-acre farm in Chippy Norton.

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Writing in his latest column in The Times, the Doncaster-born star spoke about the latest issue on the farm that had him “sink to his knees and weep.” And, it wasn’t a conversation Gerald.

Discussing his new issue he wrote: “For the past couple of weeks I have been watching, with some concern, a plague of greenness emerging in the barley field at the back of my cottage. So I called Cheerful Charlie, my land agent, who, naturally, said it was a ‘big problem.

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“It’s called brome, apparently, and it’s a weed that competes with the barley for nutrients and sunlight — and it usually wins. Which means you end up harvesting the square root of b****r all.”

The Grand Tour presenter was quick to blame his farmhand and one of the star’s of the show Kaleb for the error as “Charlie reckoned the seeds that spawned it had been lodged in a drill we’d borrowed.”

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“And I was all set to insert something agricultural in Kaleb, my tractor driver, for not washing it out.”

Farm manager ‘Cheerful Charlie pointed out that it could be from “A year earlier I’d used the field to graze sheep and, Charlie reckoned, it’s possible they could have introduced the brome in their excrement,” Clarkson explained.

“But it wasn’t the sheep either because on my afternoon walk I noticed that it wasn’t just one field that had been infested. It was all of them.”

You can keep up with some of the action on his Instagram page here, if you’re getting antsy about seeing the next series, which is currently being filmed.

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