Cooplands Has Launched Its Festive Menu – And It’s Delicious

Cooplands Has Launched Its Festive Menu – And It’s Delicious

All the festive menus are being announced across the country, and Yorkshire’s favourite bakery Cooplands has some tasty treats for you to enjoy. It has announced its Christmas menu, and it sounds delightful. The highlight of this year’s menu is their iconic sausage rolls, known for being a great value, which has had a festive makeover – and we can’t wait to try it.

If you’re after something a little naughty, their festive sweet treats will satisfy your urge. They have some classic Christmas treats such as tasty brandy mince pies, huge Yule Logs, and calssic Christmas cakes. There are even more mini treats such as their tasty stollen bites, Christmas fruit cake, Christmas truffle logs (our personal favourites). Enjoy the great deal of two packs of cakes for just £4.50.

Their savoury menu is just as good. You can pre-order your pork pies, which can feed upto 12 people or get tucked into a festive sausage roll, which is filled with sausage meat and lashing of cranberry sauce for a Christmassy taste in every bite. We are always excited for a Cooplands sausage roll, that has beaten inflation over the years with the four sausage rolls for a pound deal.

Credit: Cooplands

You will also be able to get other classic Christmas items such as gingerbread men, Christmas cakes and more. Last year, they did incredible baguettes and sandwiches such as pigs in blankets in their fluffy baps, a festive special baguette that we are hoping they will bring back for Christmas 2021.

Why not visit the Cooplands website or go in-store and see what you can pre-order for Christmas this year!

Our favourite treat that has been announced this festive period, is Cannon Hall farms pigs in blanket kebabs that sounds like the most delicious treat ever served with all the roastie classics you would expect.

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