Did You Know: There Are Two Completely Different Types Of Cooplands In Yorkshire

Did You Know: There Are Two Completely Different Types Of Cooplands In Yorkshire

There really is nothing quite like a lunchtime stroll to Cooplands for a sausage roll… But did you know there are two completely different types of Cooplands across Yorkshire?

While one Yorkshireman will be tucking into four dog rolls for a quid in Scarborough, another will be enjoying a pastry at a totally different business down in Donny – with the two bakeries sharing only their name. Strange, huh? All this time, we’ve been thinking it’s this one huge thing with two different logos – to then discover there are actually two bakery chains donning the moniker. And one of them doesn’t do four sausage rolls for a quid. Nightmare.

Credit: Cooplands Bakery – the Scarborough one

Starting life in Scarborough way back in 1885, South Yorkshire folk will be disappointed to hear that their beloved Coops isn’t actually the original. In fact, it was quite some time until the Doncaster-born bakery began trading.

Becoming known as a pork butcher also stocking tasty pork pies in Scarborough, the original bakery – founded by Frederick and Alice Coopland – began as a humble market trader, eventually opening their first physical store in the early 1900s on Newborough. This remained as the businesses headquarters for the next 45 years – in which time the business expanded into confectionary and baked products (in around 1945). Now, the business operates over 150 stores across the entirety of Yorkshire, Newcastle and Lincolnshire – with more on the way thanks to a huge investment.

Credit: Cooplands – the Doncaster one

The South Yorkshire born bakery, on the other hand, didn’t come to inception until 1932 – and is actually in no way affiliated with the original Cooplands. Based in Doncaster since the very start, this Cooplands has always been a bakery – selling cakes, bakes and South Yorkshire’s famous chocolate concrete. This bakery chain operates just 29 outlets – with stores across South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire and parts of Lincolnshire.

As a result of the confusion it causes, Donny dwellers won’t find an original Cooplands store in their town – with Rotherham providing the closest outlet of ‘Cooplands Bakery’.

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