This Chippy Challenges You To Eat 2.5kg Worth Of Fish & Chips In One Hour

This Chippy Challenges You To Eat 2.5kg Worth Of Fish & Chips In One Hour

Ever finished a chippy tea and thought, “I could just go for another of them”? Well, this fish & chips challenge might just take your fancy. The Anker Fish Bar challenge is the perfect Friday night tea, if you fancy being bloated.

Found in Tamworth, West Midlands, the meal weighs in at 2.5kg and consists of three large portions of battered cod, a large portion of chips, three slices of bread and butter and four sides, including the choice of beans, mushy peas, curry sauce and gravy.

Credit: Anker FIsh Bar

I would need a few Dandelion & Burdocks to wash all that down, that’s for sure. You have one hour to finish the 3,000-calorie known as ‘The Colossus’. Reckon you could manage it?

The challenge was launched earlier this year by co-owner Elizabeth Forrester to give them an edge over competitors. If you manage to complete the challenge you get to take part in a lucky dip, which includes your money back. We’d advise not eating for a few days before visiting, that’s for sure.

Credit: Anker Fish Bar

A YouTube star and competitive eater has taken to Anker Fish Bar to take on this impressive eating challenge for his YouTube Channel. You can check out how successful the food challenge expert was below.

Adam Moran, who lives in Leeds, is more commonly known as Beard Meets Food, and is one of the best competitive food eaters in the world. He spends his time travelling the country taking on enormous food challenges like this.

Watch Beard Meets Food take on the challenge below:

If you’d like to try an eating challenge more close to home, Gem’s Pit Stop in West Yorkshire serves up the most gigantic Full English Breakfast you’ve ever seen – you may want to rest after you’ve tackled this behemoth. If you’d like to give it a try, click the link below and find out more.

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