Spurn Point Has Rapidly Eroded This Week As A Result Of Severe Storms

Spurn Point Has Rapidly Eroded This Week As A Result Of Severe Storms

It’s no secret that Spurn Point is East Yorkshire’s most delicate coastal spot. But this week, the peculiar part of our region has been hard hit – losing over 1m of the land to the sea as a result of huge 6-7ft tides crashing in.

Confirming the devastating impact of the storm, Jonnie Fisk of the Spurn Bird Observatory said: “Incredible amount of cliff & clay lost, especially south of the Warren. The wind is roaring, and the tides are forecast to be even higher in coming days. Valuable bits of the Heligoland trap salvaged, but its future looks troubled.”

Bethan Clyne, a local BDMLR Marine Mammal Medic & Trainee Ringer, tweeted some of the worst of the weather, saying: “Some HUGE waves at Kilnsea this evening!! Erosion is already an ongoing issue here and the tides are increasing up to 7.2 later in the week with big swells and winds. Very worrying as tonight was a 6.7m tide…

“The last of the road towards the breach was washed away 2/3 weeks ago on the last big tides/storm. Sadly, I think the Heligland trap at the Warren is next to go.”

Adding: “We estimate that roughly another meter has already been lost to the sea this evening.

“A very depressing sight to see erosion happening in such a raw form. Spurn is changing.”

Spurn Bird Observatory has anticipated that its Heligland trap will not be in operation this spring as a result of the damage.

Spurn Point has been affected by adverse weather conditions for many decades, with the last permanent inhabitants abandoning the location in 2012.

[Featured image: https://twitter.com/BethClyne]

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