Educating Yorkshire’s Student ‘Mushy’ Shared Emotional Update 11 Years Since First Aired

Educating Yorkshire’s Student ‘Mushy’ Shared Emotional Update 11 Years Since First Aired

There are a lot of fly-on-the-wall type programmes now that capture the normal lives of people, many of which are passive viewing that serve a purpose to take your mind off life for some cheap and light-hearted entertainment (we’re looking at you, Kardashians).

But, back in 2013, Educating Yorkshire gave us an insight into the world and workings of schools in the modern-day.

For many, it was a time to reminisce about their old teachers and their own school experiences, and for others, it was light entertainment with some funny students that captured the heart of the nation. During the series, one story gripped the nation and had many in tears.

It was a young year 11 student, Musharaf Asghar and his struggle to gain a C grade in English in a piece of tearjerking piece of television. .

Musharaf Asghar, is now celebrating his 27th birthday and shared an update with his followers via X (Twitter) when he celebrated his birthday.

He wrote: “Today I turn 27 YEARS OLD. Which means 11 YEARS AGO I was on Educating Yorkshire. I am so fortunate to live life sharing the power of teachers.

“I am proud to be someone who stammers, something one teacher helped me to accept in the classroom. Thank you to everyone for the continuous support #EducatingYorlshire #PowerOfTeaching #ThankYou

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Know as ‘Mushy’, Musharaf suffered from an acute stammer that was going to stop him from achieving his grade in English. Mr Burton, English teacher at Thornhill Community Academy in West Yorkshire, helped Mushy to meet his target in a moment that was truly inspiring, using the same technique used in The King’s Speech film.

The technique uses music as a distraction to help Mushy read a poem out loud – a feat that seemed completely impossible before trying out the clever tactic.

Achieving a Grade C, Mushy gave an emotional speech in assembly to other leavers that left many viewers, classmates and teachers in floods of tears.

And he didn’t stop there, as seven years on, he’s become an accomplished motivational speaker that travels across the UK to talk about his problems and how he was able to overcome them. What an inspiration!

Mushy has travelled across the country, speaking to huge audiences of over 20,000 people at Wembley Arena, touring cities such as Leeds, London, Birmingham and Slough. To say we’re proud of our fellow Yorkshireman is an understatement. Well done, Mushy!

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