Mike Tyson Calls Yorkshire City ‘Real Bad Stuff’ When Discussing ‘Wild Parts’ Of The UK

Mike Tyson Calls Yorkshire City ‘Real Bad Stuff’ When Discussing ‘Wild Parts’ Of The UK

The former heavyweight champion of the world named checked Yorkshire town soon to be the city in the latest episode of his podcast Hot Box In’ where he was chatting with scouse UFC legend Patrick Pimblett, better known as ‘Paddy the Baddy’.

Tyson is known for being a vicious fighter and had a reputation for being unpredictable in and out of the ring mentioned Doncaster when asked about wild parts of the UK.

Credit: Hot Box In’

Yes, that’s right. Boxing legend Tyson, who has also featured in Box Office movies like The Hangover has only gone and name-checked Doncaster.

In the podcast, which also features Jackass legend Steve-O, they’re discussing wild parts of the UK when Tyson, otherwise known as Iron Mike, replies: “Doncaster… all these places… real bad stuff”.

According to Doncaster Press, Tyson regularly paid visits to Doncaster back in the early 2000s after striking up a friendship with Askern newsagent Andy Booker. He must have seen some things whilst he was visiting Donnie as he mentions Doncaster twice as a rough place to visit.

The boxer famously bit off part of Evander Holyfield’s ear during a title fight back in 1997, so you can imagine it takes a lot to make Tyson think that Doncaster is a rough place to visit.

People on Twitter couldn’t quite believe it with one person writing: “

I’ve just watched a clip of Mike Tyson saying Doncaster is a dangerous place and I don’t know how to feel about it tbh”.

Another person wrote: “mad Tyson still knows how rough donny”.

A third wrote: “Nowt wrong wi donny my town.”

Watch the full podcast here:

Doncaster was named in the top 10 worst places to live in the UK back in 2021 before moving out of the list for 2022 top 10.

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