Remembering The 6 Most Iconic Moments Of Educating Yorkshire Legend Ryan Ward

Back in 2013, the world was a better and much simpler time. We didn’t have coronavirus sticking us all back in our houses, and we were introduced a whole host of amazing characters in a fly on the wall documentary Educating Yorkshire. With Educating Greater Manchester hitting everyone’s screens tonight, it made us think of the young lad Ryan, that had us howling, and tearing up all at the same time. Ryan Ward, captured the nation’s heart as he turned up like some kind of Dickensian-character with brilliant one-liners.

We found out this year that another star of the show Musharaf Asghar is now a motivational speaker, but can anyone remember Ryan’s emotional, heartfelt speech ‘from the heart’ after he’d left his original at home.

Who could forget the latte…

Then there was his old man response when asked to be a prefect…

The old man trapped in a year 8’s body!

When Ryan diagnosed his teacher with menopause!

Forgetting his speech and then melting our hearts!

In his prefect speech when he became the wise Yorkshire philosopher!

We will be watching along with the nation, the new series Educating Greater manchester, but we aren’t sure you will meet a character quite like Ryan Ward. We love you Ryan!

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[Feature Image Credit: Channel 4]