Educating Yorkshire’s, Musharaf Asghar, Graduates Uni With Heartwarming Message To Teacher

Educating Yorkshire’s, Musharaf Asghar, Graduates Uni With Heartwarming Message To Teacher

We all remember the heartwarming moment on Educating Yorkshire where student Musharaf, who struggled with a stutter, gave a speech without stammering thanks to the inspiring teacher Mr Burton who tried a technique from the film The King’s Speech.

Educating Yorkshire Mushy Graduates
Credit: Channel 4

Well, all grown up and now graduating from the University of Huddersfield with a degree in journalism Musharaf otherwise known as Mushy paid tribute to his high school teacher for his support in secondary school.

He said: From sitting in the classroom contemplating if life would ever accept me for having a stammer, to going to university and graduating. I can’t sum up in words how proud I am and how much my teachers’ changed my life.

Adding, “You can truly achieve anything you put your mind to.”

Watch Educating Yorkshire clip here:

Achieving a Grade C, thanks so the help from his teacher in his GCSE oral exam, Mushy gave an emotional speech in assembly to other leavers that left many viewers, classmates and teachers in floods of tears. 

And he didn’t stop there, as seven years on, he’s become an accomplished motivational speaker that travels across the UK to talk about his problems and how he was able to overcome them. What an inspiration!

Mushy was inundated with praise for his achievement from social media, including Mr Burton himself who wrote: “Very proud of you, Mush. Keep doing what you do. See you soon, sir.”

Mushy has travelled across the country, speaking to huge audiences of over 20,000 people at Wembley Arena, touring cities such as Leeds, London, Birmingham and Slough. To say we’re proud of our fellow Yorkshireman is an understatement. Well done, Mushy!

Mushy now uses his TV fame to share his experience of the world with a stutter. What an inspiration!

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