Emotional Dame Judi Dench Fulfils Ambition To See Golden Eagle In Scotland

Emotional Dame Judi Dench Fulfils Ambition To See Golden Eagle In Scotland

A lifetime’s ambition was made for Dame Judi Dench as she teared up on BBC’s Countryfile after seeing a golden eagle in the wild whilst in Scotland.

The Bond actress was able to see the bird in the wild thanks to cameraman Hamza Yassin, according to  The Daily Record.

He took Dame Judi travelling to a secret location in order to get a glimpse of the beautiful creature. The 88-year-old actress was able to see the bird via a monitor.

Thanks to the monitor Dench was able to see two golden eagles flying near a kestrel in the sky and said: “Oh, yes, I do (see it)… The kestrel’s not having too good a time. He’s being seen off.”

Dame Judi looked and laughed and said: “I could see one and you are a witness to seeing that I saw it… (I’m) very overcome… It’s an enormous privilege, don’t you (think)?”, after being asked by Yassin.

Dame Judi continued: “How often does anybody see that? Not very often.”

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Yassin replied: “There’s few people in the UK that can say they’ve seen a golden eagle in the wild… and doing some pretty impressive behaviour.”

Dame Judi said: “How brilliant. And I keep that (the video) and show it? I never quite thought it would happen. (I believed) well, we’ll go out and we’ll be looking. They won’t (appear)… We saw them… thank you so much.”

Later on Countryfile, Dame Judi Dench spoke of her love of nature saying: “I think people’s attitude towards looking after the country is stronger now and is changing or we’re being made more aware of how we destroy and what we must preserve.

“We’re now aware of things like plastic and what harm it does in the sea and the rivers and hopefully… (we) will be even more focused on what we have. We can’t destroy that.”

You can watch the Countryfile episode via BBC iPlayer here.

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