The North Yorkshire Chocolatiers That Invented ‘Yorkshire Pudding Chocolate’

The North Yorkshire Chocolatiers That Invented ‘Yorkshire Pudding Chocolate’

Most of the time when we’re craving chocolate, we’re really just looking for some indication that there’s both ‘cocoa’ and ‘sugar’ in there for our daily dose of the good stuff. But Birdgate Chocolatiers? They hunt for uniqueness.

Experts in all things chocolate and based in the beautiful market town of Pickering, the quaint chocolatiers are absolute pros when it comes to making artisan sweet treats, with tons of delectable flavours in their arsenel. But the one that caught our attention the most? The Yorkshire Pudding bar.

Credit: Birdgate Chocolatiers

Encased in a slab of creamy milk chocolate, the unique chocolate bar is filled with crispy ‘Yorkshire Pudding’ bits, with two gooey streams of golden syrup running through each edge.

While the crispy bits aren’t made of pieces of cooked Yorkshire Puddings, they are made from the same recipe, and when eaten, melt in your mouth resulting in a Yorkie Pud texture. It’s, unsurprisingly, incredibly tasty, particularly when you get a taste of the oozing golden syrup.

The bar is just one of many Yorkshire-themed chocolate bars, including the ‘Yorkshire Moors Baa’; filled with heather and honey ganache, the ‘Bah That’s Chewy’ bar; filled with liquorice chewy caramel and bramble ganache, and the Danby Moor-inspired ‘Fat Betty’ bar; filled with nougat and Elderberry ganache.

Credit: Birdgate Chocolatiers

In addition to the delicious bars (which we highly recommend should you stop by the shop), Birdgate Chocolatiers also makes stunning artisan chocolate pieces, which come filled with curious flavours such as garlic and marmite caramel, lemon and olive, Baileys, rose and violet, orange and more.

If chocolate isn’t your thing, the shop also stocks tons of traditional sweets, too, including old-school hard-boiled sweets such as Pear Drops, an array of fudges and even tons of Turkish Delights.

Birdgate Chocolatiers can be found at 14 Birdgate, Pickering, YO18 7AL, or you can shop online here.

[Featured image: Birdgate Chocolatiers]

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