A Huge Dinosaur Hunt Is Taking Place In Yorkshire This Weekend

A Huge Dinosaur Hunt Is Taking Place In Yorkshire This Weekend

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Head over to Scarborough for this year’s Yorkshire Fossil Festival which is running from the 16th of September to the 18th. This year you can track down dinosaurs across Scarborough via an experience similar to the popular app Pokemon Go.

Writing on their Facebook page Discover Yorkshire Coast wrote: “Right along the Yorkshire coast these creatures are popping up out of the ground, and they look incredible”

“We’ve teamed up with the Loveexploringapp to create a free epic prehistoric trail. And for this year’s Yorkshire Fossil Festival , you’ll ‘meet’ and learn about some of the dinosaurs that once roamed along this very coastline!

The app allows you to explore Scarborough’s landmarks and hunt down a range of dinosaurs in a Totally Roarsom AI experience.

The event is hosted by Steve Cousins, known as The Rock Showman at the Festival at Scarborough Spa. With him, he’ll bring two Rock Showman Booths which house a range of entertaining activities to keep you occupied.

Along with Cousins, circus duo The Witty Look Show will perform in the Sun Court at 2pm on both Saturday and Sunday. The performers are multi-award-winning circus duos from Japan and will be performing acrobatics, juggling and more.

The will also be talks from real-life palaeontologists who will be helping the public hunt for dino footprints and work out which dinosaur made them.

“It’s all done through ‘augmented reality’ (or AR), and means you only need your phone to do it. The map will guide you to each dinosaur, and once you find it there’s a question to test your knowledge too!”

Steve Cousins said “I’m so excited about this year’s festival! Centred in the Sun Court at the historic Spa, it will combine Scarborough’s two fantastic heritages of live entertainment and geological discovery.

“It’s going to be a great programme – fossils, circus, science lectures, dinosaur footprint walks – there’s even going to be life-sized dinosaurs.”

Along with these engaging activities, there will be feature displays and activities from local and national museums, universities and businesses, including the Oxford University Museum of Natural History; the Dinosaur Isle Museum, Isle of Wight; the Geologists’ Association; Whitby Museum; the Yorkshire Geological Society; Natural Wonders, Whitby; and Scarborough’s Hidden Horizons, based at Scarborough’s Fossil Shop.

Fossil experts from across the UK will be on hand to show their amazing discoveries and are inviting festival-goers to bring along their own fossils for identification. The Stephen Joseph Theatre will be screening a day of dinosaur and geology-themed films.

For more information visit: yorkshirefossilfestival.co.uk and scarboroughmuseumsandgalleries.org.uk

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