Free Cinema Tickets & Snacks For People Called Elizabeth Across The UK

Free Cinema Tickets & Snacks For People Called Elizabeth Across The UK

If you’re looking to head to the cinema today (3rd June) and are lucky enough to be called Elizabeth then you can enjoy a cinema trip free of charge.

To celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee Showcase Cinema is offering freebies to anyone who shares the name with the Queen. It is lettering anyone who has the same name or a variation on the name to watch a film for free with a snack as well – bargain.

If you share your name with Her Royal Highness can enjoy free popcorn on Saturday 4th June and Sunday 5th June too.

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If you have any of the variations such as Liz, Lizzie, Eliza, Elissa, Elisa, Elise, Elsie, Elisabet, Beth, Betty, Bet, Bess, Bessie, Betsy, Betsey, Alisa, Lisel, Liselle, Lesetta, Lib, Libby, Libbie, Tetsy, Tetty, Tibbie, Bethia, Lisabette, Lisabetta, Lisbeth, Elspie, Elspeth, Else, Elisabeth, Elisabete, Lusa, Erzsebet, and Lise then you just need to show your ID such as a driving license or passport at the desk to enjoy the offer.

There are some great films showing at the minute as well with the highly anticipated sequel to Top Gun out in cinemas, The Bob’s Burger Movie and the psychological thriller Men to name a few.

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Mark Barlow, UK general manager of Showcase Cinemas, said: “The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration is set to be a fantastic long weekend full of many celebratory occasions across the UK. In honour of Her Majesty, we wanted to give her namesakes a reward, whether that’s in the form of a free ticket or a complimentary sweet – or salty – treat.

“We can’t wait to celebrate our monarch’s extraordinary reign with our guests over the Jubilee weekend and for them to enjoy a royal freebie.”

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